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From the ear directly into the heart


TimsDepartment: From the ear directly into the heart

Looking dreamily out of the train window, going on a walk

in autumn rain, a relaxed laugh among friends: This is

what the music of TimsDepartment from Mainz feels like. Emotional songs with a voice that provides goose bumps from the first minute and which you can recognize everywhere. Our five-member band shapes real stories into a touching soundtrack of life that captivates the audience.


After four years as a solo artist our singer and guitarist Tim dared to make a new start in 2019. Today the name TimsDepartment stands for a common project, as Tim's multifarious voice is now accompanied by the professional musicians Philip (bass and synthesizer), Ralf (drums), Christian (E-Piano) and Max (lead guitar). Together we are a quintet of versatile thoroughbred musicians aged 23 to 39 years. Every one of us knows and loves the sage for many years. Years in which we have raised our technical level steadily. We put our hearts and souls in our gigs and let you feel that every single minute. Their quintessence are our authentic songs, which were inspired by personal experiences and invite to dream, dance and celebrate. Shaped by top acts like Lifehouse, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and The Script, our acoustic journey leads through a mix of pop, indie, and rock music. From moving ballads to rocking songs: Our audience experiences a wide range of pure emotions, taking them on a short break for their souls. With our expressive melodies, crowned by Tim's compelling vocals, our rousing shows make every event an unforgettable experience that echoes for a long time.

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